Thursday, 15 November 2012

Travel Guide - Melaka: Jonker Walk

If you go to Malacca, please don't forget to visit Jonker Walk. Why? What is the attraction there?

First, rows of old building at Jonker Walk are well preserved by the state government to make us feel like we are at the old days. Much like 'back to the future'.

streets of Jonker Walk

Secondly, almost all of shops at Jonker Walk are selling unique things that you cannot find at other places. Things like handmade craft and arts, antiques, old days foods, souvenirs and clothes that worn by the predecessors are easily found at Jonker Walk.

In addition, things are sold at reasonable price and really worth to bring back as souvenirs and memories.

At night, the shop owners will open booth along the road and Jonker Walk will turn to a happening night market.

During our last visit, the handcraft that we found really catchy and attractive is the miniatures and expandable 3D cards.

Vespa and other miniature are sold at RM12. Very reasonable!!!

Malacca Trishaws. Sold at RM8-RM25 depends on size.

See how details they are

This expandable 3D card is a greetings card that able to expand and will show a 3D miniature when the is opened. There are variety of shapes available such as buildings, birthday cake and some other creative shape like above. Just looking at them you can really appreciate the complexity and the meticulousness. Do not worry, the price is very reasonable.

small - RM20
big - RM30

Various greeting cards and 3D shape.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Travel Guide - Johor : Gunung Ledang

Hello Travelers,

How are you guys?
Still thinking on where to go for next holiday?
Considering for waterfall vacation?

Haaa..AP have a good suggestion for those who want to travel to the South of Malaysia-Johor!
Hutan Lipur Gunung Ledang is one of the attraction, located at Tangkak, Johor.
This waterfall perfectly located between Johor Bahru and Melaka, make it accessible for all from JB, Segamat, Melaka, Batu Pahat, Muar, and nearby areas.

Apart from its historical attraction of "Puteri Gunung Ledang", it also provides services for seminar, teambuilding, and meeting with good accommodation.

From Exit Tangkak at PLUS Highway, it only takes about half an hour to reach the main entrance of the waterfall.
right after Tangkak exit, turn right
after about half an hour from Tangkak exit, turn left
no worry about the parking space, it is huge

Please be informed, charges applied at the entrance as per following :

1. if you have 4 adults and 1 car, the charges is RM4+RM2=RM6
2. if you have 2 adults and 1 motorbike, the charges is RM2+RM1=RM3

and so on...

Shops along the way to the waterfall sells various needs such as buoy, mats, clothings and also souvenirs.

Also, for those who love mount climbing, this is also the starting point of Mount Ledang trail. According to the record, Mount Ledang is the 64th highest mountain and the 6th difficult. However, Mount Ledang is the most climbed mountain.

Trails of Mount Ledang

Ok, Mount Ledang also provides a comfortable place for picnic and camping. A lot of facilities available such as, camping area, benches, gazebo, toilet, surau and so on.

Picnic Area


Beware friends! This monkey species may look cute, however pls take extra care of your belongings and foods. :)

Ok, till here travelers for Mount Ledang sharing. AP shall come back with many more travelling stories.
Till then, bye!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Travel Guide - Langkawi: Idaman Suri

Hello Everyone~

AP would like to share the first episode of our travelling story at Pulau Langkawi, Kedah.

Ok, the first episode is about shopping shopping at Langkawi. What is so special about shopping at Langkawi?? Langkawi is famous about it's duty free zone. So, everything is soooo cheap!

  1. Chocolates
  2. Cutleries
  3. Dinner sets
  4. Mugs
  5. Perfumes
  6. Cigarettes
One of the most famous shopping attraction at Pulau Langkawi is IDAMAN SURI. Ok, how is the shop look like?

Front View of the Shop

According to local, this is the new location of IDAMAN SURI. Previously it was located somewhere else. Its new building is located about 5km from Kuah town. Do not worry because IDAMAN SURI's building is so obvious even from far. You can easily spot its huge yellow building from the main road.

A lot of choice!!! Heaven for the hunters

Our favorite DAIM!!! So CHEAPPP

Lots more chocolate.

Cutlery section

Wonder where is the location of IDAMAN SURI. We are more than happy to share with you the location/ map:

Monday, 17 September 2012

Travel Guide: Announcement (2)

Hi all travellers...AP sure most of you if not all already know that AirAsia is having a FREE SEATS promo this midnight.

For those who have yet to book any trip for next year, this will be a golden opportunity even though this promo is only for domestic only. ( The travel period is from 1 Apr - 30 Sep 2013)

AP bet that there will be bunch o f people willing to stay up tonite for the sake of getting this free seat promo.
unfortunately, due to congestion, most of the time we will landed to the waiting page ( you will buzz by the THAT one be..haha). AP had this bad experience, staying up till 2 am, unfortunately we didn't manage to get any ticket and got headache with the bee~ huuu..

For the past few promos, we succeed to get tickets without having to burn our midnite oil..hehe~~ how2? haa.. the trick is, 

1. Never ever try to do any booking on peak hour such as 12am-2am of the first nite of the promo, instead get up very early in the morning or at dawn because that's the best time to do booking due to VERY low traffic. Your booking process will be sooooo smooth and will not see any bee flying in front of you :D

2. However, to avoid any frustration due to very limited seats, please please do your booking as early as possible. Even though the booking duration given is one week, it is recommended to book on the first day of the promo.

tick, tock, tick, tock....the clock is ticking...

Friday, 7 September 2012

Travel Guide: Announcement


This fabulous travel fair has come back! 

Let's go and grab some travel holiday package for our next trip. 

  1. It is better if we already have our dream destination in mind. There are so many travel package offered there. If we come blank, it is very hard to make choice. Furthermore, the fair is so huge that you may not be able to make full cycle more than 3times.
  2. Bring a pen and paper. We may need this to jot something down in the process of filtering the best holiday package.
  3. Use LRT. The traffic in front of PWTC could be ridiculous during the fair. We might also end up parking far far away from PWTC.
The entrance fee now is RM4. Instead of RM3 before. :(

Without further delay, let's go and grab our holiday package!!!!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Travel Guide : Tips (2) Weather Check

Hellllooo travellers~
Have you ever get stuck in bad weather during your holiday??? Urff...if you have, of course you dont want this to happen again rite??

Holiday is the time when we spend our time,doing something we usually don't do to release our stress. Some like to spend time with family/ friends by the beach, picnic at waterfall or having some adventures. Most of the things we do during our holiday involve outdoor activities. Hence it is utmost to ensure the weather is fine for us to do such activities. So, what the prevention action we can take?? hmmm....

Usually AP will have an overview of the season that particular place that AP would like to visit. For example,  if we want to go to 4-season country, we have to see at what season is the best to that particular country suit to our activities. If we want to go to countries near the equator instead e.g.: Malaysia, Indonesia etc, we will see what is the best month to visit that particular countries. It is important as we do not want to get stuck in the rain.

Ok, where can we get those information ??
Actually, if you have ample time to do some research, you may want to read the travelling book which helps a lot in telling you about the destination that you are going to go. Just flip to the weather section (usually in the introduction chapter). You will certainly get some overview about the best time to visit that place.

However, it sounds tedious rite~
So, AP can suggest a simpler and faster choice. Just go to Air Asia website. Click 'Travel Info' at the left bar and 'Destination Guide'. Next just choose your holiday destination.




Annual weather for Kuala Lumpur
Annual weather for Bali

as simple as that! Pls pls do not take this for granted as this simple research will help you to have or to enjoy your vacation at most. You had already spent money on flight tickets, accommodation,etc... but suddenly the weather is bad and that will be just a waste, rite?

Monday, 30 July 2012

Travel Guide - Sabah : Rumah Terbalik @ The Upside Down House

Hello hello travellers~

AP come back with Rumah Terbalik at Sabah or also known The Upside Down House!
Have you ever been to this unique house? 

The 'Rumah Terbalik' from the parking area

The new attraction in Sabah is located at Tamparuli,it takes approximately only 45 minutes driving from KK town (see the map below). Hmm, Malaysia Book of Records had already listed this such house as the First and The One and Only in Malaysia! So, please dont forget to put this Rumah Terbalik as one of your MUST GO destination at Sabah!

How much the fare? For locals, only RM 10 for an adult and RM 5 for children

Ok, what will you see at this unique 140 sq feet house?
Believe it or not, you will see EVERYTHING is upside down! Even you can see the car parked at the garage is also upside down! You've gotta  see it with your own eyes!

Somehow, they do have their own do's and dont's outside and inside the house. It's their culture that we have to abide. 

1. Hit the Gong outside the house for 3 times before entering the house.
2. Knock the door.
3. ONLY walk on the red carpet.
4. DO NOT touch anything inside the house.
5. Taking pictures inside the house is prohibited. So, you must go to see it yourself!

Hit the gong 3 times
Anyway, The Upside Down House is a unique and creative idea. It has already become a new attraction at Sabah.
So, what are you waiting for? Quickly book dates for a visit to Sabah! ;)

Map to Rumah Terbalik