Thursday, 15 November 2012

Travel Guide - Melaka: Jonker Walk

If you go to Malacca, please don't forget to visit Jonker Walk. Why? What is the attraction there?

First, rows of old building at Jonker Walk are well preserved by the state government to make us feel like we are at the old days. Much like 'back to the future'.

streets of Jonker Walk

Secondly, almost all of shops at Jonker Walk are selling unique things that you cannot find at other places. Things like handmade craft and arts, antiques, old days foods, souvenirs and clothes that worn by the predecessors are easily found at Jonker Walk.

In addition, things are sold at reasonable price and really worth to bring back as souvenirs and memories.

At night, the shop owners will open booth along the road and Jonker Walk will turn to a happening night market.

During our last visit, the handcraft that we found really catchy and attractive is the miniatures and expandable 3D cards.

Vespa and other miniature are sold at RM12. Very reasonable!!!

Malacca Trishaws. Sold at RM8-RM25 depends on size.

See how details they are

This expandable 3D card is a greetings card that able to expand and will show a 3D miniature when the is opened. There are variety of shapes available such as buildings, birthday cake and some other creative shape like above. Just looking at them you can really appreciate the complexity and the meticulousness. Do not worry, the price is very reasonable.

small - RM20
big - RM30

Various greeting cards and 3D shape.


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